Dec 11, 2012

Christmas Decorating-The Dining Room

The dining room is always so fun to decorate. I love setting a pretty table. About 31 years ago my mother gave me some Pfalzgraff Christmas dishes. They are white with a Christmas tree on them and I think they are called Christmas Heritage. Over the years I collected more and more. I have lots of serving pieces, including casserole dishes, a coffee server, and a two-tiered cookie plate. Several years before they quit making it I found it at an outlet store and bought LOTS of dinner plates. I have over two dozen now, which is just about right--we will have 20 here for Christmas dinner this year.

I love my plaid tablecloth-it keeps the room from feeling too formal to me. This year I added the charger plates to the table. I think I am liking them. I love to have the table set during the holidays-it looks like a dinner party is happening soon. 

Again, I got an idea off of Pinterest. I loved a chandelier that I saw, so I used it for inspiration. I folded a garland in half, twisted it together and then wound it around my light fixture. I hung various size red ornaments at different lengths from red ribbons. I also added a wider ribbon and more ornaments in the garland. 

This table is long and requires a large (or long) centerpiece. I have learned through the years that a couple of candlesticks just don't cut it here. I bought these gold candles at Michael's 60% off last week. I was tickled to death! Again, greenery wound on the table, interspersed with candles of varying heights, and gold ornaments mingling throughout. Nothing real original, but I thought it looked pretty. 

Last year I found a Christmas tree that fit perfectly into the corner of the dining room. We enjoyed having it there while we were eating and it is the only tree that can be seen from the front of our house. This year's decorations are red and gold (of course) with a simple ribbon garland. 

It will be fun to have Christmas dinner at this table. But, with 20 people here, there will be two more tables to set. I will work to make them just as festive. 

Happy Holidays.

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