Aug 20, 2012

Binding Jar

Since I am the queen of UFO's I have to be organized or I can really mess up a quilt. When I finish a top and I am not going to quilt it right then, I hang it over a hanger along with the backing fabric (if I have purchased one). That way, when the time comes to finish the quilt I am ready to go. The other thing I do is to make the binding right away. When I finish a top I decide what fabric I am going to use for my binding. I cut the strips and sew them together. Then I wind the binding up and tie a label (with the quilt name on it) around the binding. So that I don't misplace my bindings, I put them all together in a jar. It's cute to look at and it serves as a constant reminder of the quilts that I need to return to!  

Happy quilting-and may all your tops be finished! 

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