May 16, 2012

Friend Time

Oh, what a great time we had! My two best quilting friends came for a visit last week. It is not easy for us to get together these days-we do not live anywhere near each other. But, when we are with each other we do all the things women love to do with their friends-we talk, laugh, eat, cry-and we quilt. It is always so good for my soul when we have had a visit. I am rejuvenated and ready to take on the world again. They inspire me and lift me up like no one else can. Girlfriends are the best! Thanks for coming to visit, Pam and Anne.

I have been dragging my feet (for a VERY LONG time) finishing a quilt that I started for my youngest son. He painted the bedroom where he was living a beautiful shade of blue and then handed me a paint chip and asked me to make a quilt for him to go on his queen size bed. Well, I took so long to make this quilt that he has moved and no longer has that blue bedroom! Every Christmas and birthday that pass I just know that he is looking for a large box to unwrap, hoping this will be the special occasion that his quilt is finally finished. 

So, while Pam and Anne were visiting we looked at Matthew's quilt blocks I had finished and talked about what I still needed to do. They encouraged me to get them made and check off this UFO. When I got up the next morning, the two of them had cut out the last 23 blocks for me and had them stacked nice and neat so that I could sew them up quickly! 

Well, I am on top of it. All 56 blocks are now finished and the first 5 rows are completed! I see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is bringing me joy to know that it will not be long before I can actually have this quilt finished and my son can have it on his bed. 

I took my scrappy stars off of my design wall and put that quilt on hold for a bit so that I could finish this, but they will be back up before you know it. 

Here is a picture of Matthew's quilt, so far. I will post another pic of him with it when it is finished. 

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