Apr 9, 2012

A Quilt Guild Meeting and a Trunk Show

Last Thursday I went with my friend, Judy, to a quilt guild meeting. We have both been looking for a guild that "meets our needs" and so we decided to attend a meeting with a guild that is half way between our homes. I think we have found it! We both had a great time and the ladies seemed very genuine and welcoming.

The program for the meeting was a trunk show by Jane Gorder, who is a prolific Baltimore Album quilter. Her knowledge of antique Baltimore Album quilts was vast. She shared with us about her visits to museums and shows to see antique ones. She has also studied and taken classes with some of the great appliquers in the quilt world. Now she is an authority in applique and Baltimore Album quilts. I loved her show! Thanks, Jane-you are a talented lady.

And then the quilts came out! They were exquisite! She does all needle-turn applique and then hand quilts them all.  I was in awe.  I have been working on my first needle-turn applique project ever and after almost a year and half, I am still on my second block (more about that in a later post)

I apologize for the quality of the pictures. I need to either learn to take better pictures with my phone or remember to take my camera with me. And I was standing in the back of the room, so you get to see the backs of heads too. 

Jane is the lady standing at the far left, in the green shirt.
This quilt is one of the small ones she showed us-yet no detail
is missing-it was exquisite!

Jane told us that traditional Baltimore Album 
quilts do not have sashing between the blocks. This 
quilt, with it's large center block, took my breath away.

This quilt also has blocks of different sizes. My 
pictures do not do justice to her talent.

Here is the traditional 5X5 setting (you can't see 
the bottom row in my pic) of Baltimore Album quilts.

I have never seen one done in blue and white 
before. I think this is a stunning quilt!!

Look how tiny these pieces are!!

This is my favorite one of them all. I am such
a sucker for red and green quilts. I also love 
the border on this one.

Thanks, Jane, for a great show. You have inspired me to get my needle and applique work  out of hiding and work on it again.

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